For Organizations Outside of the USA

Dear Martial Arts Executive:

We are writing to you today to make you aware of one of the most important and exciting events to take place within the international martial arts community for many years. This is a bold statement, but it is an accurate one.

As you are aware, in the United States the educational system, both public and private, is based upon a complex system of “accreditation”. Simply stated, if an educational program is not “accredited” it is not generally accepted for official or employment purposes. In some of the fifty states of the United States it is actually a crime to post a non-accredited degree of qualification in a professional or business office wherein it might be viewed by a member of the public.

The National Accrediting Commission for Martial Arts or (NACMA) was chartered initially by the Commonwealth of Virginia and now by the State of Tennessee as a nonprofit corporation for the purpose of serving as the accrediting agency for institutions granting college degrees in martial arts in the United States of America. The Internal Revenue Service has granted NACMA federal tax-exempt status in recognition of its purpose. In Britain, and in many Commonwealth nations, this is the equivalent of becoming a “recognized charity”.

NACMA has now been advised by the U.S. Department of Education that we may initiate our accreditation activities and begin the formal recognition process to become recognized as a U.S. Department of Education-Recognized National Accrediting Agency. But this is not all……

We have now been advised that NACMA may also begin the process for accreditation of vocational and certificate programs by degree-granting institutions. Further……now comes the really good news……we may also offer accreditation for institutions and programs that are not degree-granting! Even further, we may lawfully accredit programs offshore!

What does this mean specifically to you and your organization? It means simply this……for the first time – ever, educational institutions and organizations outside the United States may obtain approval for their academic degrees and vocational technical certifications on the same basis as a similar applicant in the United States.

Please understand, offshore applicants need to meet the same strict standards as a domestic American institution. That said, accreditation from a National Accrediting Agency in the United States creates the opportunity for worldwide recognition.

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